Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Mom's Shower

Okay, sue me. I'm going to whine a little here:

My mom has this really weird habit. She keeps the window in her bedroom cracked all year round, even when it's -40. Even when the electricity was turned off a couple weeks ago and our house got down to the 50's. She says she needs 'fresh air'.

So, there's a problem with the shower that my husband and I share and I've been borrowing my mom's shower for the last couple days. And her window is open!!! And it's Alaska!!!! This freezing (literally! 'cuz it's been 0 to -20 in the last couple days) cold air is blowing in her window and swirling around the bathroom door and curling over the shower curtain!!! How can she STAND this!! And I really don't have a choice about not taking a shower, ya know? AAAAH!! The last time I've been this cold was after taking swimming in high school during the winter when it was -40 and running back to the main building with my hair still wet...

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