Saturday, January 27, 2007

What is worship?

These were some quotes defining and describing worship from Dan Kimball's book, Emerging Worship. He began the book describing a little of what worship is, and a little of what the church is, and a little of what the post-modern generation is all about. Excellent book. Of course, these quotes do not fully encompass what worship is or entails, but they are a good starting place...

Worship is the believer’s response of all that he is- mind, emotions, will and body- to all that God is and says and does. This response has its mystical side in subjective experience, and its practical side in objective obedience to God’s revealed truth. It is a loving response that is balanced by the fear of the Lord, and it is a deepening response as the believer comes to know God better. –Warren W. Wiersbe

To worship God in truth is to recognize Him for being who He is, and to recognize ourselves for what we are. –Brother Lawrence

Our whole lives need to be poured out in worship. And in the end, that’s the ultimate responsibility of anyone who truly recognized the all-consuming revelation of God. –Matt Redman

All of history is moving toward one great goal, the white-hot worship of God and his Son among all the peoples of the earth. –John Piper

Quoted from Emerging Worship, by Dan Kimball, Zondervan

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