Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Million Dollar Baby


Valette said...

Her eye! What happened?

becca said...

She was walking across the living room, tripped over a critter of some sort, probably the cow from her farm, and banged her head into the coffee table. Her eye's gone through all these remarkable colors- black, purple, red, green, yellow... We just started seeing the stuff that more closely resembles a healing bruise today- the yellow and green stuff.

She was SO sad. Cried and cried and cried...I felt so sorry for her. Beth and I both have scars on our foreheads from falling and banging our heads into pointy objects- a corner in my Grammy's house for me, and the corner of our aunt's rock display case for Beth. I was so hoping that my kids would make it without those scars... Oh, well. it's not gonna be a bad scar... I've still got stitch marks across my forehead. ;)