Sunday, January 14, 2007

MOVIE: "The Illusionist"

Jake rented this, which automatically puts me on my guard... Don't know why, but my husband can't seem to go to Blockbuster on his own without bringing home a REALLY bad movie... He already knows I think this, so I'm not talking behind his back. (By the way, He rented Spike Lee's Inside Man at the same time, which we all refused to see... I've seen a couple Spike Lee movies before. Yes, they are good; but they're so dark and grimy and ugly. I always end up angry and sad and depressed after one of his movies... So he ended up watching that one by himself.. Don't hate me 'cuz I don't like to be depressed... Afterwards, Jake said it was good, and that he enjoyed it- and that I probably would have also... I don't know.)

Anyway, "The Illusionist" was good. I was surprised. I got sucked in and ended up watching it and being really pleased with the mystery. I didn't know it was a mystery. You couldn't really tell 'till the end... So, I'm not going to give anything away, but I this was a good movie. I enjoyed the illusions and seeing the bad guy get what he deserved. Also, another point in its favor- VERY clean. Yes, there is a sex scene, but it's mostly along the lines of: "yes, we did it and yes, it was very good".

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