Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is the sick that never ends...

AAAARGH!!!- the never-ending pinkeye... we went to Urgent Care over the weekend 'cuz now Abigail has pinkeye, too. Plus Deborah's got better for a while, but then started getting worse again...

So, we're now inflicting eye drops on both of our kids. These don't hurt like the Sulfa ones did (They did give us Vigamox for Deborah this time), but Deborah still fights like a wild thing... She doesn't like having stuff dripped into her eyes. Who does? So Jake holds her down and I pry open her eyes and try to get it dripped in... What fun. Sounds like torture to me, too. And explaining to her that her eyes can get so sick that she won't be able to see doesn't really help... She's only three... Abigail, my one year old, just cries and tries to get away. But Deborah, now she's a talented fighter- she kicks, punches, screams... Oh, well. We are getting the medicine in there.

But, they did finally sleep through the night!!! I slept 6 straight hours Sunday night. And EIGHT straight hours last night! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!! They had been waking me up at least 2x for the last two weeks.

I've got a trick now, though. I'm giving 'em just a little bit of Benadryl before putting 'em to bed. (This one was taught to me by our family doctor- it's tricksy, but not bad for the kids, and VERY GOOD for the parents.)

Anyway, they should be over their pinkeye very soon, and I should be functioning quite nicely by the time I have a third night of straight sleep. Yay!!!

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