Monday, November 20, 2006

Jake's Collage

Jake created this collage for his office when he was hired as the secretary for our last church. That would be right around September of 2005, so a little more than a year ago.

I love it... It captures a specific time in our lives, and I love the memories it invokes. Deborah had turned two that May and we had just returned from our huge family vacation down to Washington and Oregon.

(Now that was INSANE: a driving vacation through Canada with a 2 year old and a 7 month-pregnant woman. It took us about a week each way to drive through Canada. I was required to stop every hour to run around the car and Deborah would go insane if we didn't stop other places on top of that...)

Warning: I am about 6 months pregnant in almost every picture of me here- in fact, the lower right hand picture of me in black shorts was taken at 8 months and right before I was induced. The top left hand corner photo was shot right after Abigail was born- The doctor had just handed her to me and Jake and I are looking at her for the first time. The middle picture of the baby is Abigail just a day or so after she was born, and, following that diagonal line, the next picture over is of Deborah holding her baby sister on the first day after we got home from the hospital...

We had no idea what a sleep wrecker we had just brought home! I swear to you, the last good night's sleep I really had was in the hospital. In the Fairbanks maternity wing there's a night room with a night nurse who will take care of the newborns, and oh, what a gift that was! I sent Abigail to the night room both nights I stayed in the hospital and the only thing that woke me up was needing my pain medication! It was wonderful. Since I'd already had one baby I knew what I was in for when I got home with Abigail... Unless you've had a newborn wake you up every two or three hours to eat you've never experienced sleep deprivation... While it doesn't last for long, it is murder on sleep during that entire time. You get to where you don't know whether you're coming or going...

She has finally (within the last month) switched to going to sleep around 11 pm and not waking up until around 9:30 am. Since Jake goes to work most mornings at 10 am, this is a schedule that works pretty well for us. Her older sister still sleeps more than the baby! It's funny to me that my 3 year old requires about 12 hours of sleep, and Abigail goes to bed about an hour after her big sister and wakes up about an hour before her!! Funny's probably not a good word for it... Maddening is a much better word for it.

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