Saturday, November 18, 2006


I ran out last night at about 10 pm to get some groceries. The reader board at FM read -25 F... What am I doing here???? Not only was it just plain COLD, there was a chilly breeze. Now this morning I've got wind burn on my cheeks (I look like a kewpie doll! You know the kind, with the big red circles on their cheeks...) and my hands are cracking and bleeding again... Okay, so I'm whining... I don't care!

I was supposed to be at rehearsal right now, but our car was choking and dying and choking and dying and throwing fits about the cold. I got down to the light at the end of our road and it died really good (wouldn't start up again... threw me about a tad bit, so I sat and waited a couple minutes, started it and kept my foot on the gas while it choked and screamed and complained till it got warmed up enough for me to just GET HOME... ) I guess it's whining, too... When your car is dying at -20ish, you don't go anywhere. 'Cuz if it decides to die some place, you get to walk in -20 to somewhere where somebody will help you...

One of the things I really like about Fairbanks is that if you're having car trouble in the winter, somebody will generally stop and check to see if you're okay... Not this morning. I must have looked like I had the situation under control. Ha!!! I'm just lucky I made it back here okay.

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