Thursday, November 16, 2006

Collective "Oh!"

Thought this was fun, and that I should share-

My husband, Jake, works at Fred Meyer in the sports equipment section (for those down south, it's kind of an upscale Walmart, or like Kroger's plus all the Walmart stuff, too...). Sidenote: He's had about 10 or 12 jobs since we got married, (secretary at 2 different places, Radio Shack, foster care, janitor, pharmacy, worship guy for three churches, driver for a food company, Dairy Queen Asst. Manager, you name it and he's probably tried it...) and this is his FAVORITE job- he loves working at FM. He's got a great manager, good hours, he sells guns and knives, gets to interact with people, and isn't stuck behind a desk all day.

Anyway, yesterday they had a brown out (most of the lights out, but they've got their own generator), then quite suddenly there was a complete blackout. This huge warehouse building went completely black.

Jake said there was an audible gasp across the entire store, customers and employees- you could hear every person in the entire building inhale in surprise. About 100 people gasping at the same moment is apparently fairly loud... Then came the surprised screaming of several babies and young children...

The lights came back in about 20 seconds, but it was a fairly long 20 seconds...

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