Thursday, January 31, 2013


I think my sister is a fashionista.  She's got all the best clothes and she puts them together in funky, unexpected ways.  The best part of her fashion sense is that about 80% of her wardrobe is either from someplace like Value Village or from the recycling pallet at our local transfer sites.  The transfer site pallet is a Fairbanks tradition. In fact, it is such a tradition that an entire web-site,  Arrogantly Shabby is devoted to finding fashion at the Fairbanks transfer stations.  We've got a local friend who does not buy anything except food- her entire house is "transfer station up-cycled".  And I know what you're thinking- trashy, right?  But no.  Her house is absolutely lovely.  She has re-used and re-made many things, but she also just has a great eye.

Beth comes home with the best stuff- clothes for my girls, (yes, we wash everything before we wear it), furniture, dishes... Plus, she finds great clothes for herself.  Like this great green shirt and purple sweater, which I simply adore.

I want this shirt!  It's green (my favorite color) and it is sparkly.  I like sparkly. 

I have adopted some transfer station style into my wardrobe, but I don't think I'll ever pull off the combinations my sister makes look great.

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