Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ode to the New Car

Oh! The joys of our new car!

Our Corolla drives lightly and picks up speed,
With a dome light that works,
And windows that go down and come back up!
Our headlights point at the road ahead
As we glide quietly up and down dark snowy streets,
The engine revs and swiftly arrows up hills.
Comfortable chairs support my neck and back,
As road noise is contained by insulated doors
and upholstered seats ease the remaining engine noise.
Fresh air gently blows on my face,
Cool when air-conditioned or
warm when heated during the winter.

All this comfort and attention to detail is shocking to a family used to:
doors that never seal shut, allowing road noise and bitter cold to seep through;
a lack of any internal light;
strangely holed seats;
a dog-nibbled emergency brake;
an over-taxed and dying engine;
dim headlights that point 2 feet from the front of the car;
weird electronic issues;
and a necessity of shifting into neutral at any and all stops signs and lights.

How we love our new car!
The praise we heap upon our new transportation!

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