Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ice Alaska 2012

What an excellent adventure! We finally made it to the Ice Park yesterday. Slides and sculptures and snacks, oh my!
Jake & I both left our cameras at home, so after riding the train around the park Jake went home to grab them. The girls and I spent about 30 minutes playing around in the Kid's Ice Park while we waited for him. We spent a lot of time at this specific slide.
After Jake rejoined us, we walked through all the sculptures. I took many pictures of ice sculptures, so I'll just share a few of my favorites. My favorite multi-block was an amazingly textured and detailed sculpture of a porcupine and a leopard.
My favorite single-block was the butterfly in different stages of life. The cocoon and caterpillar were beautiful, but the butterfly blew me away. Incredible detail and texture. The fine antennas.
The girls' favorite was this lovely mermaid. I wish I had been able to get a better picture...
I loved the balance of this breaching whale.
This year was the first year my girls enjoyed looking at the statues. Even last year they were done in about ten minutes. Yesterday was a joy, with Abigail and Deborah enjoying the beauty of the sculptures. They looked at the textures and details and colors. They chose favorites, and I had a lot of fun talking about the statues with them. Then, just when they started to get bored, they developed the statue game. They would get set-up and wait patiently for me to discover their masterpiece. This statue was titled "The Frogs".
This statue was called "The Sled Ride".
After we couldn't feel our toes or fingers or ears, we stopped in the snack shack and warmed up with hot chocolate and pretzels. The room is crowded! I wish there was a better seating arrangement. However, everyone gets cold and everyone wants to warm up, so a lot of people end up in the room at the same time...
My girls love their hot chocolate. =)
After we finished warming up, we went back outside to play- slides and ice posing statues and mazes.
My girls passionately LOVED the slides most of all, but they enjoyed the mazes and turtles.

This year, I chose NOT to climb on one of the turtles. But Abigail and Deborah both enjoyed a turtle ride.

We had a wonderful time!

If you haven't had a chance to check out Ice Alaska, you are missing out. They show a gazillion photos on their website, but it's pretty clunky and difficult to navigate. My friend Susan has some amazing ice sculpture photos on her web-site, and it's much easier to scroll through the photos. Right now her blog has photos taken during the day, but I KNOW she's done an evening shoot (I've seen some of the photos on FB) and I'm counting on her having some more night photos posted to her blog soon.

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