Monday, April 26, 2010

Melatonin for little sleeping angels

My girls don't sleep. At all. I swear. Sometimes the two of them play or read in their beds until one or two in the morning. And it happens A LOT. It doesn't matter what we do- My mom goes in to their room and talks to them. I go in to their room and give them a mild swat. Jake goes into their room and yells. We'll run through this crazy routine over and over and over. Every night. INCREDIBLY wearing.

And then they are tired and cranky and miserable the next day. Falling apart over the least little thing- choosing clothes, having their hair combed, eating food... Mornings can be horrible.

I've had 4 different people tell me to try Melatonin on them. I was INCREDIBLY leary until one of the moms at Building Blocks (Abigail's Ocupational Therapist) talked about it and then Abigail's OT said she used it with her boys. So I geared myself up, and tried it over the weekend.

I LOVE IT! They slept almost 12 hours straight for two nights in a row!!! Happy girls. Happy Mama! =)

Jake is leary about the long term effects of Melatonin, so he is going to do some research. (My husband hates & distrusts all medication, and won't take it for his migraines until he is practically blind from pain.) Until he learns something bad though, I get to be thrilled!!!

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