Monday, April 05, 2010

Abigail's Nose

I got a call from Abigail's pre-school about an hour before it was time to pick her up...

She had stuck a rock up her nose, and they couldn't find it. She was fine, happy and eating her snack. But they wanted to know if I wanted to come get her early.

I started laughing. I'm sure this makes me a terrible mother, but honestly, up her nose? What on earth was she thinking?

When I went to get her I asked her why she put the rock in her nose. She told me, "I wanted to keep it." And I'm thinking, "A nose isn't a pocket!" But she was happy as can be- she went with me to Deborah's dance class, and waited for her happily. She danced and sang and colored.

After dinner, we took her to the 1st Care in town, and they looked up there. The doctor couldn't find anything, and said her breathing was fine. She either blew it out, or she poked it back so far she ended up swallowing it.

So, they recommended we take her home, and watch out for the possibility of a cold. If she ends up with a runny nose, we'll probably need to take her to an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor to have her checked out again.

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