Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday is My Fun Day!

That's what I'm going to call it. It may not be the best or most creative name, but in honor of Sheryl Crow I'm going with it. ;)

Here's my creative endeavor for the day: My first ring.
I'm actually pretty happy with it.

Since this is a two-layer ring, my first step was to create the inner ring. I cut it, filed it, and soldered it together.

Next, I created the outer layer- I cut it filed it, and then before I soldered it together, I pierced it and added the vines and leaves. Which was a pain, 'cuz I used very fine gauge silver. I thought it would be easier to cut, but it made it harder in the long run. The whole piece kept bending, swaying and buckling with ever cut. Argh. But I was determined! And I got what I wanted.

Then I soldered it together at the ends. Then I fit the two rings together and soldered them together. I'm not thrilled with the seam on the outer ring, but it's my first attempt at ring soldering and it's not too terribly bad really.

To get the lovely dark lines and patinaed effect I soaked it in Liver of Sulphur. Then I sanded & polished it. I'm really happy with what the Liver of Sulphur did to it- a chemical dark patina.

It's a very sturdy and attractive silver ring. One of a kind, since I will never be able to exactly match the vine pattern again.

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