Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday is Art Day!

Still don't have a fancy name for Art day... Fridays with Flair? Fancy Fridays?

Anyway, here's what I've been working on- Butterfly Earrings!
The coolest thing is that I made every part. =)

The process:
First, I soldered the wire together to make the big hoops.

Then, I cut out the butterflies. Before soldering the butterflies to the hoops, I hammered or 'forged' them. Which I love! I discovered my favorite part so far is hammering away. I love the texture it creates, and the sparkle it gives the work as the light bounces off each of the forge marks.

Next, I soldered the butterflies to the hoops. Which is where I had problems... I'm getting better at soldering, but at this point in my learning curve everything I soldered had problems... The butterflies wouldn't lay flat enough on the hoops to solder them securely, even though I had left a flat space for them. So, I decided to hammer the butterflies onto the hoops so they would have the shape of the hoop in their back... a good place to solder them together. Which worked... However, the copper is so soft that they ended up looking funny, so I had to forge the butterflies all over. I got annoyed. They still look fine, but not how I had imagined them. Anyway, I got it done- and attached the butterflies securely.

Then, I made the ear hooks! Which is exciting, 'cuz I use a LOT of ear hooks. And I got to make my very own! I heated the wire enough to cause it to ball up at the end, then I forged them to 'work-harden' them. If I didn't forge them they would be too soft to maintain their shape.

Anyway, I have some lovely silver hoop earrings, with copper butterflies. Plus, more practice in soldering!


Lori said...

Wow - those are beautiful. Way to go!

becca said...

Thank you! =)