Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Stash

Big News!!
Beth and I have jewelry placed in another local shop. They're called 'The Stash', and everything they have is handmade by local artists. Exciting!!
We don't know how well it will sell, but it gives us another venue where our stuff is seen 6 days a week.
Here's a link to their website:
They are located downtown on 3rd ave, and have a classroom in the back! Isn't that just the best? I'm hoping to teach some beading classes with them, and maybe leave the JoAnn's thing... We'll see.


janiemag said...

Thanks for the plug!!! :) We are loving having TWO Sisters in the shop...

And, yes we are selling it too!

Thanks for connecting me up to your blog & Beth's. Very thoughtful...

I will keep you & your family in my thoughts. Janie

Susan Stevenson said...

I saw your stuff there and commented to Rachael (at The Stash) that I know your work and love it. :) Good luck to you!!!

I also wanted you to know I've been following your blog and I'm keeping Beth and your family in my prayers.