Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Beth took this shot...
I love how intent we both look. :)
We've finally gotten to a point where Deborah will let me trim her fingernails without fighting me. Thank you, God!
Now I reward her for her good behavior by painting them. For her 5th b-day she got a little box of 'princess nail polish'. They're little girl colors with a bit of sparkle that I'm okay with her wearing. Purple with a picture of Jasmine, pink with a picture of Ariel, and white with a picture of Cinderella.
Shockingly cheap and well worth the bribe factor.

You would have laughed if Beth had taken a picture of the fight that occurs when it's time to trim Abigail's nails.... Well, maybe not... Remember, she's 2. Almost 3, but still definitely 2. She HATES having her nails trimmed. She's terrified of the clipper. She's convinced that it's going to hurt and no matter we do- talk to her, prepare her, hold her down, show her me trimming mine, promise nail polish- NOTHING prevents the wails and drama. When it's over she also can have her nails painted, but she typically can't sit still long enough for me to complete the task. (oh, the web we weave when we marry a guy with a touch of ADD :) I think half the torture for her is just having to sit still while I use the clipper. Poor kid. It's hard to be 2. At least when you're an adult you can, well, I hate trimming my nails and I'll just be careful and not slice myself. Not Abigail. If I let it go too long to avoid the screams and torture, she ends up scratching herself. Big long gashes on her face and tummy.

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