Friday, July 25, 2008

Silly Survey

Yes, for whatever reason I am compelled to fill these things out... Here's this one:

1. Do you like blue cheese? no

2. Have you ever smoked? no, but I've had a cigarette and pretended for a scene

3. Do you own a gun? my husband owns three, and I hate them

4. What flavor of Kool-Aid was your favorite? I didn't really like kool-aid...

5. Do you get nervous before doctor's appointments? still do

6. What do you think of hot dogs? on the grill, honestly the texture grosses me out... I HATE lima beans and that's kinda what hot dogs remind me- all mealy and grainy

7. Favorite Christmas movie? hmmm... I'm not much of a Christmas movie person, but I do like the Veggie Tale 'Star of Christmas'

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? water & Diet Coke, sometimes juice

9. Can you do push ups? only the girly ones

10. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? the pearl earrings Jake gave to me our second Christmas

11. Favorite hobby? jewelry! reading

12. Do you have A.D.D? the over concentration part, I think it's related to the hypothalmus, but I'm not sure... Read Dr. Amen's book!

13. What is one trait you hate about yourself? saying stupid things

14. List three thoughts at this moment:
I don't want to clean the garage
I wish Jake wasn't mad at me for making him clean the garage
I am still sleepy

15. List three beverages you drink on a normal basis: water, Diet Coke, water?

16. Current worry: money

17. Current hate right now: money being crazy tight

18. Favorite place to be? any place my friends are

19. How did you ring in the New Year? with my family

20. Where would you like to go? Washington

21. Name three people who will complete this... not sure

22. Do you own a pair of slippers? two

23. What color shirt are you wearing? pink

24. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? NO

25. Can you whistle? Yep

26. Favorite color? green

27. Would you be a pirate? only if I can pick who I am pirating with

28. What songs do you sing in the shower? worship tunes, whatever's stuck in my head

29. Favorite name for a girl other than your own kids? Auralee, Lauralai

30. Favorite name for a boy? Joshua

31. What's in your pocket right now? a big scarey plastic fly that Abigail found

32. Last thing that made you laugh? my husband

33. Best bed sheets as a child? holly hobby

34. Worst injury you have ever had? I fell climbing on a stage at a camp in Texas- I had a black bruise as big as my hand for a month; funny thing- I ended up playing a character called 'wounded' for most of the rest of the summer and I had these bruises on my legs and arms & we wore shorts for our performances all summer... all our team, including me, had a hard time not laughing 'cuz of the injuries and me talking about being hurt

35. Do you love where you live? sometimes

36. How many TV's do you have in your house? 3

37. Who is your loudest friend? my daughter! Deborah is LOUD

38. How many dogs do you have? none, but I want one

39. Does someone have a crush on you? I hope not

40. Favorite book? right now I'm really enjoying Charlaine Harris

41. What is your favorite candy? reece peanut butter cup

42. Favorite sports team? hockey, probably UAF

43. What song do you want played at your funeral? How Great Thou Art, Blessed be your Name, LOTS more :)

44. Are your toenails painted? Yep, dark red :)

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