Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am in a bad mood today... I don't know why really.
I didn't get enough sleep, and I worked really hard yesterday. I'm sure that has contributed, but a big part of it has been Deborah. She's sick, whiny and has talked NON-stop since she woke up. I just want some peace and quiet! I think I'm ready for them to be in school and we've still got a month to go.
I love going to church, but it's hard on the mornings that Jake plays. He has to be there at 7 am to practice for the 9 am service. And I have to get the girls & myself ready and then there on time by myself. Which I seem to find difficult. Pretty pathetic when I consider how many years my mom did everything by herself. (my dad traveled A LOT for his job, particularly in the summer)
Also, Abigail is being difficult about going into her class for kid's church- she has been for about a month, which means I miss the first 20 minutes. And I'm terrible 'cuz that's my favorite time- the music portion. I know I'm terrible, but if I miss that part I'm sad...
Anyway, I'm feeling like scratching somebody...
I love being in a bad mood. Makes me so pleasant.

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