Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yikes. I've been busy lately... Every free moment has been taken up with either writing for the Elevate curriculum or making jewelry.
It's good to be doing stuff I actually get paid to do...
However, I also miss getting to blog! :)

When we went in to The Stash they chose about a third of our inventory. Janie was concerned about clearing out our inventory, but I LOVE the idea of having stuff out every day instead of just Farmer's Market days.
It does mean I've been working as often as possible to fill up my inventory holes. I feel pretty good about my progress now. I've got more bracelets than I know what to do with, and enough necklaces to fill every space.
Now I just need to do some more wirework pieces... I love doing it, but it takes more time than anything else I do.

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