Friday, August 31, 2007

Sewing Snobbery

Okay, I had this weird, surreal moment in JoAnn's today, and I have to share with somebody.

(Set Up Info: I hate sewing, rarely do any, and avoid sewing projects like it's a contagious and nasty disease. I try not to let anyone know I can sew or that I worked in a costume shop, because as soon as people know you can sew they want help on some project or other and I DON'T LIKE to sew.)
I've been searching like a mad thing for a specific gift for Abigail's birthday tomorrow. Deborah got a 'My Little Pony' bag for her birthday last year and it was definitely the hit of the season. She stores all of her treasures in it, and hides her ponies, dolls, you-name-its from her sister. I guess in one way it defines her space right now. Her bag goes to bed with her and is very special.
So, I've been trying to find one for Abigail, too. No place in town is carrying something similar, and I really thought I'd get lucky right before school started- a lunch bag, or a gear bag with something Abigail would like- My Little Pony's or Disney princesses. But the only things I could find were $20-$40 backpacks. A little big for a 2 year old, and a little pricey for me...
Last Monday I came up with the great idea to make one. I bought a plain blue soft-side lunch bag, and found fabric with horses and princesses. I knew that there was something called fusible fabric out there, which can basically make any fabric into an iron on patch. You fuse it to your fabric with an iron, peel off the paper and then fuse it to the object you want it on.
I forgot to get it until late last night, and of course, it was too late. So, early today I ran to the store, asked somebody for help, and then brought my package to the cutting counter. I found out the actual product name is 'Wonder Under'. Go figure.
I asked the cutting lady if she knew how to use it, 'cuz I didn't, and she was all like, "I never use Wonder-Under", like it was nasty. Like it was some bug or grub she'd found under a rock, and I was asking how to cook it... I had no idea there was a whole group of sewing/quilting snobs out there who would never dare touch such a low thing as 'Wonder Under'...
Anyway, call me a plebeian. I decorated my daughter's bag using 'Wonder Under' and I'm delighted with it! I haven't given it to her yet, but I'm quite sure that it will be the hit of the season... Now if I can just figure out how to prevent Deborah from fighting with Abigail to hold it, I'll hold the keys to the kingdom.
The Princess kingdom, that is.


sarahjanesina said...

You know.... I RUN a costume shop for a living, and I'm not a huge fan of sewing either. And I have been known to use Wonderunder, and stitch-witchery on occasion...once...I actually hot-glued trim for an opera I designed because I had no time, money or help...Down with sewing snobs!!! Here! Here!

LisaKay said...

This is WONDERFUL, Becca!!!