Monday, August 27, 2007

Farmer's Market Update

Beth and I have been going regularly to the Farmer's Market on Saturday for about 6 weeks. We've made at least $50 every time. Oddly, we have continued to trade off on who makes the most money. It was my week last Saturday and I made almost $100 while Beth made $16. The previous week she made over $100, and I sold two things. We've only got two weeks left before Farmer's Market shuts down for the summer- the last Saturday is right before Labor Day. I think our only regret is that we didn't start earlier!

We don't make huge pots of money, that's definitely reserved for the farmers. Boy, they clean up! Almost makes me wish I had the time and space to have a big garden. I've gotten the most beautiful tomatoes from a couple different people, and a huge bag of the yummiest carrots I've ever eaten.

For basic information and some fun links and photos you can visit the market's website:

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Valette said...

I'm trying tomatoes for the first time this year. While my plants are giant, the fruit will not turn any color other than green. I'll have to tried some fried green tomatoes recipies.