Saturday, August 04, 2007

Farmer's Market

Well, we went to the Farmer's Market today for the second time. On the first try- two weeks ago- I made about $100, and Beth made about $50. This time she made about $100 and I made NOTHING- zip, zilch, nada... Really lame when it takes so much effort to carry everything in, put up our nifty tent, set up our tables, sit there for 8 hours, then tear down our tables, take down our nifty tent and carry everything out... Ah, well. Next Saturday shall be another day. It is odd that we seem to do this every time- I do well and Beth doesn't or Beth does well and I don't... We rarely end up with a fairly equal amount of sales. Odd.

Good news: We did have a couple of people ask if we'll be there next week! We had a couple of people recognize us from our stuff placed at AK Rag Company! One lady remembered buying one of my wire necklaces a year ago at a Christmas bazaar and she told her friend how much she loved it and how beautiful it was! So, while it wasn't a great day for me, there were some highlights...

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