Sunday, July 22, 2007

My garden

Here's a bit of my garden from this summer... I've been working on it when I have time, mostly in the evenings before beading. The lovely tall blue flowers are Chinese Delphinium that Beth planted back about 10 years ago. I like them but they are completely taking over everything! They're sprouting up in our yard, and I actually moved about 30 of them this year. I planted them in this rocky area that our previous owners had created right up around the house. It's very silty/sandy there, and they've done so well everywhere else I figure they're probably the only flower that'll survive in there. We'll see... They're looking pretty sad right now.
Much as I like the delphiniums, I also like other flowers. I was able to make room for some smaller flowers... My eye has been craving yellow so I've been finding and planting yellow poppies and yellow violas. I hope they come back after the winter!
Last summer or the one before my friend April helped me transplant two irises, and this year I got brave and transplanted three more. The yellowy-brown right next to the tree is one of them. Right now all three of them are wilty, but I think/hope they'll make it. The two she did are beautiful now, so I'll just have to wait and see...

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