Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chandelier Earring Project

So, last night I got to playing with my beads and ended up finishing a project for myself, which has become rather rare...
And here it is. One of those beading projects that absolutely exemplifies what I love about beading-
First, the beads cost in the $10-$12 range (which means high end Swarovski crystals and components, although I admit I've reached the point where I buy large quantities from on-line catalogues, and I'm not counting my tools. Still the average Josephina off the street could probably make it for about $15-$16. The most expensive piece is the chandelier that the beads are hung from.)
Second, from design concept to wearing my project took about 45 minutes.
Third, if I were to sell this I'd probably make $25-$30.
Fourth, (and really most important!) I think it's pretty. (you don't have to, I won't kill you. Just don't tell me! :)
I love beads! They're pretty, and really you can get something very nice for a suprisingly small amount of money. Yes, I'm addicted. It's okay. I'm making money! (well, not a lot. Not even enough to pay for my addiction. But we are slowly making more and more at it.)
In the last year, I've finally reached a point where I say that I'm collecting beads and I pretty much buy what I like (if I have the money). I used to just buy stuff for a project and then save the leftovers. Things change... Now I've got bags and bags of beads! Yay! It's a good thing I like 'em, and that my husband fully supports this endeavor. I'm sure he wonders what on earth is going to eventually happen to all my stock, but he has been incredibly wonderful during this slowly growing business.


sarahjanesina said...

Your chandel-earrings are quite lovely. I'd totally wear them.

becca said...

Tee-hee! :)
Thank you!