Sunday, July 22, 2007


My mom finally got talked into exchanging our dial-up connection for DSL! Yay! Best part: We weren't the ones that talked her into it!!

We've been contributing the money for the dial-up connection, so it's not really a change in money. She just wasn't convinced it was a need and the phone is in her name.

But the guys from our phone company talked to her and explained that the phone line wouldn't be busy while we're on. (which we had said, but it's different from someone else...) And talked to her about some of the benefits of DSL and finally she decided it would be a much better option for our family. Yay!!!

So, the result is- I can zoom around! It takes me about 30 seconds to up-load a picture vs. the 10 minutes it had been taking. Check my email in 10 minutes... Check my friend's blogs... Check the news... Watch video clips as they're coming in vs. downloading them for FOREVER and then discovering it didn't work...

You all probably already know the joys of DSL, so I shall not elaborate much. Just let you know that for the last year I've been languishing in dial-up land, and now I'm soaring in DSLand!! Yay for me!

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