Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Deborah being Spun
Abigail being spun
One of my girl's favorite activities is to be spun by their Daddy... They'll beg and beg and beg, (Abigail says, 'Spin, Daddy! Spin!) and he'll give in knowing that he'll be completely worn out and so dizzy he can't stand. They take turns being picked up, held on his shoulders and spun and spun and spun. They know he has hold of them and won't let go, and they laugh the whole time. When he can't spin anymore Abigail cries for at least 5 minutes and lays down at his feet. Deborah cries too, but not as long or loudly.
I wish I trusted God as much as they trust their Daddy to spin them safely and to stop if they get scared... I wish I enjoyed the crazy life-ride I'm on now as much as they enjoy their spinning... It's not like they're in control- They just hold on and let him do the work.

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