Sunday, June 10, 2007

Picnic Fun

We had fun last night! We've been trying to get out as a family once a week for a picnic and play time... To enjoy the weather and wear the girls out. Wish we actually did it that much, but the rain has really been bad for the last couple of weeks.
We finally got out again last night- everybody except my mom. That's my sister, me, Abigail and Deborah in the picture. Jake was our event photographer. We had hot dogs, marsmallows, chips, cole slaw, strawberries- yum! Then we traveled up the slough a bit and played at the school play-ground for a while. The girls got to see a beaver dam on the way and pick lots of flowers- they love dandelions and giving them to their loved ones.
And the girls slept! Yay! I love it when they get in bed and are asleep in 10 minutes. A rare occurrence in the Sirevaag household. Mind you, I was awake till 4 or 5 am from my foray into 'smores... Yum! Not even half a bar of it and I'm messed up all night. Caffeine after 3 pm does me in good... Oh, well.
What a lovely evening we had.

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