Wednesday, August 09, 2006

TV Shows

I'm in the middle of a Beth Moore Bible study (which are excellent, if you've never heard of them or her). Yesterday's reading was about keeping yourself safe from worldly influences and helps you evaluate what forms of media you take in... and if you need to make some changes. She asks what tv shows you've watched in the last month, and as I wrote my response I found myself laughing... The only tv shows I've watched in the last month are: Barney, Mister Rogers, and Sesame Street.... Perhaps I do need to evaluate what I'm watching! Aaah! One never knows what evil influences might have slipped into my life! Zoe and Elmo! I'm sure there's something significant in their names! Mister Rogers... Something sinister in "you're special"... And that Barney... There must be something wrong in his relationship with Baby Bop...

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