Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Get Your Bissell now!

Our vaccuum cleaner broke down and is no longer functional... If you have an 11 1/2 month old baby who puts every little tiny piece of floor trash she sees in her mouth and a 3 year old who feeds herself and the floor in equal parts, you know why this is a BIG DEAL. So my wonderful, sweet, kind, generous friend Vallette lent me hers. She has a powerful 12 amp Bissell with hepa filter, and appropriate attachments. I've never used a vaccuum cleaner in my life that made me understand why people used them- I'm forever going over and over the same little area trying to get it to pick up trash. The Bissell works- boy, howdy, does it work! I did the floors, the stairs, the insides of the couch and two arm chairs... and anything else I thought could use a good vaccuuming...

I'm sold! If I wasn't opposed to stealing, and if my friend wasn't so cool, I'd steal it from her! So my advice: if you're thinking of having a three year old or an 11 1/2 month old in your near future, get a Bissell!

1 comment:

Valette said...

Hahaha. Glad you like it. I only got it a month or so ago, but I really like it.