Saturday, August 26, 2006


Aarg. I'm awake and my clock reads 5:15 a.m. This is not good...
This time it's 'cuz I'm sick, Abigail's sick, Jake's sick, Deborah's sick.
My Mom and my sister are probably going to be sick.
Sore throat. stuffed up nose. headache. itchy stopped up ears.
I hate being sick! Since we've had the girls all I am is sick!
Sick! Sick! Sick!
I go from flu to cold, then a different cold, and back to flu again.

And probably this cold is from the nasty nursery I stuck Abigail in last Sunday!!! She was the first one of us to show symptoms, which makes me even more frustrated with the church we visited... I tell you, you will never look at a church the same way after you have kids! It's just a big germ factory! Every cold and flu bug we've caught has been from the nursery at church. Kids have runny noses and put the nursery toys in their mouths and drop them on the floor and some other baby, my baby, puts it in her mouth and gets every germ that the last child carried... And she brings it home and gets everybody here sick, and then we take her back to the nursery and she gets some other baby sick, and then it rotates back to us!!!! (okay, yes, the Mommy is flipping out, but she will be okay soon... just look away and give her a quiet moment to herself)

I am a lake. Calm. Collected. Quiet. At peace... I never want to put my baby in a nursery again. There. That was very calm, not paranoid at all...

My friend who has been a member at the church we visited last Sunday asked me to write a letter to the pastor about our experience there... Yikes. Okay, so I'm doing it, and it's not some mean, vicious "you guys suck!" letter either... It's a "I believe you want to grow and make a difference in our community, but here is a visitor's perspective on your church" type letter... So maybe by the time I get the letter mailed and they respond, we'll all be well enough to visit another church. yippee.

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