Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I woke up today knowing that God really does have a church for us...

I've been incredibly depressed about finding a new church and doing the whole visiting thing and taking my girls to a nursery and children's department. This is a HUGE priority to me- an excellent nursery, and a good, safe, fun place for my three year old. It does me no good to go to a church where I spend the entire service fretting if my girls are safe and well-cared for. I just might as well stay at home instead.

(We visited a church these last two Sundays which does not have a good nursery... It did have an excellent class for my oldest, but the nursery care was severely lacking. If I wasn't already a Christian, and hadn't been a member of a church before, I'd think that Christians just don't care about babies! or child safety... or paying attention to the children left in their care. The babies were just crawling around while the three nursery workers talked/chatted oblivious to the point of not even noticing me standing at the door and calling to them. THREE times I called, and I finally yelled to get their attention!)

I woke up this morning with faith that this search will work out- that we will find a church and that this church will be right for me, Jake, and the girls. Which is a blessing! I've been so upset about losing our church and the whole task of finding one that I could see very little but chaos- it's felt completely out of control. I guess this search really is out of my control, but I'd been forgetting/discounting/not believing that it was in God's control.

Thank you God for this peace. I needed you to take over and remove this fretting and worrying. I'm sorry I'm such a worrier. Please help me trust you during this time of waiting. You are faithful even when I'm not.

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