Tuesday, August 22, 2006

POEM: Boxing God

I am
Fighting you
with all my heart and mind and soul and strength.
Saying no to what is.
Fighting what appears to be your Plan,
your Will.
I hate you.
I cannot choke it down.
I vomit
spewing pain.
Bile pours.
How dare you destroy me?
I am your creation
and you have marred me
ruined and wrecked and broken me.
Consequences of your Choice
trip me and I fall
a hole
a trap
no light


John said...

"It don't do to fight with God, cause he always wins. He bloodies your nose, and then gives you a ride home on his bicyle...I don't know why He's like that..."

One of my favorite Rich Mullins tidbits...

The Renzntzman said...

Hi. Been reading your blog. Got the link thru Tillman. Good stuff here. I am also wrestling with God and issues involving faith and the church. As far as women in leadership goes, you might want to read this. It's another perspective. http://www.seattlequest.org/womenleadership.html
I enjoy your blog. Seems like you always have something that catches my attention. (I also play djembe, used to lead worship, used to be in Company, love Firefly, etc) Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Drop me a line sometime if you like.