Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Not Writing

So, I've been feeling a little dark and depressed lately, probably related to the chilly fall-into-winter weather.  I dread the long cold nights of the Alaskan winters, and generally get a little gloomy as the cold & dark descends on us.  We've had a little snow up here, but mostly just frosts.  In the mornings we've had 20's and low 30's, and I don't like being cold!
I tend to hibernate, hide and read a lot when the weather starts changing....  I want to not get so dark this winter!


A Half-Baked Notion said...

Becca, I have to admit I'm not looking forward to the cold and dark of winter, either! Here in northern New Brunswick, Canada, I find I mind the humid cold right by the Atlantic Ocean... even when the thermometer isn't that low, it just feels so much colder. Brrrrr! The upside? Cuddling under lots of warm quilts, hot chocolate and early-to-bed evenings!

becca said...

Fairbanks mostly has a dry cold- we actually qualify as a desert. However, the 'climate change' has affected us here by causing it to be much more humid over the last few years. Very strange.
As bad as -65 is, it is so much worse when it's humid, too!
And you're right I love cuddling with warm polar fleece and hot chocolate. =)

Kathy said...

-65?? Oh my goodness, I see why you dread the coming of winter. I have family in Anchorage and my cousin posted a pic of snow she woke up to a couple mornings ago. Eee gads. I am not a fan of winter, so I try to fill my head with thoughts of the good things about it. No ticks, mosquitos, or snakes. No weeding to be done. No thunderstorms to knock out the power. Of course, snowstorms can do that as well! I can wear scarves in winter, love! I can wear jeans and sweaters, love!

Hoping that you can find a way to shine despite the dark and cold. :-)

becca said...

Kathy- Thank you for your sweet thoughts. :)
We haven't had snow yet, just a brisk cold. I actually like the weather right now, and if it didn't get any colder I'd be okay.
The negative 60's don't last forever, generally less than a month in January or February. But I hate anything below negative 20. Blech.
BUT One of the benefits of living in Alaska is no snakes. Not even when it's warm.