Thursday, October 11, 2012


I auditioned for a part in Fairbanks Drama Association's production of Charlotte's Web!  I may not get a part, and that's okay.  I actually enjoyed the auditioning process (which I used to hate), and I got to be around some of 'my' people (theatre folks). 
I haven't been in a piece since 2004, I think.  And I haven't directed anything since 2009, I think.  That is a long time!!!  Much too long.  I am ready!  Ready enough that I actually went and enjoyed an audition. =)
I want to be in a play so BAD!!!  However, if I'm not in, I'll be glad I got to audition anyway, because I read from a script and it went well.  I got to stand around and talk to other actors.  It sounds like a really fun production.

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Stephanie said...

Good job on getting out there and auditioning Becca! I'm sure you did great and I hope that you get a part. It'd be fun to take the kids to see you!