Thursday, October 11, 2012

Learning to Listen

There’s never a time Jesus is not speaking.
Never a place in which Jesus is not present.
Never a room so dark, that the ever-present, ever-pursuing Jesus is not present.
Max Lucado

I am learning to listen, but you have to believe that He speaks to hear His voice.  A crazy balance to maintain!  How can I believe He speaks if I have never heard His voice?
I am thankful that Jesus Himself said, "His sheep know His voice."  So when I think, "Is that Jesus speaking to me?"  -Prompting me to do something... Or pushing me not to do something...- If I am questioning whether that's Him, it probably is.

For those who say God no longer performs miracles, look at the sun rising & setting, look at babies being born and middle-aged men finally forgiving their brother for some long ago heartache, at leaves changing color and falling, and the miracle of spring's rebirth.  Miracles happen every day.  We're just used to them, so they have become common place. 

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Alice said...

I believe that miracles do happen today, and I've seen them. But they are not as easy to see as they were in biblical days.

Thanks for a beautiful post!