Saturday, April 07, 2012

He's All You'll Ever Need

by Matt Tullos

I’ve seen him among the children and anyone who loves kids like He does, can be trusted.
He is merciful to those who need mercy and He is always just.
He was willing to sacrifice everything for us and He never sleeps.
He is a doctor who can diagnose an illness before the symptoms appear.
He is a baker and when you go to his house there is always the wonderful smell of fresh bread.
He is available to you any time day or night.
He fights for the helpless
He makes time for the lonely
He is ready to step between you and your enemies.
When you are befuddled confused and indecisive he has a plan
When the walls are closing in his doors will open wide.
He listens when no one else is around to hear you.
He consoles you when there are no arms to embrace you.
He weeps with you when all others curse at you
He is redeemer of your yesterdays and foreseer of you tomorrows.
He been to hell and back and he is still standing strong.
When others doubt you, He says you can do it.
When no one knows you, He calls you by name
When few are truthful he will tell it to you straight.
He has set you apart and pulled you together
He lifts you up and He settles you down.
He’s not insecure, detached or ruthless.
All his plans are above board.
He’s written them all down in a book for you.
And nothing catches him by surprise.
Many have tried to imitate Him
The religious have desired to placate Him,
And even more have tried to eliminate Him
But no one can intimidate Him
He is independent and self-sustaining and yet He longs for your love.
He could turn the world on its end and yet he has loved you from the beginning.
He knows you and He's everything you'll ever need.

Matt Tullos' writing/sermons/scripts/videos can be found on his blog. It's worth checking out.


dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Thanks for sharing....Happy Easter to you and your family.

becca said...

Happy Easter to you and yours! Thank you. =)