Sunday, August 16, 2009

Writing! Me!

Ha! I feel like writing today!!! =)
Don't know what I feel like writing about, but it's been a long time!

Let's see...
Jake let me sleep in today! And he washed a load of dishes, and he made me food, and he took the girls for an 'adventure'. So, I'm home. And it's quiet. And I'm the only one here. Isn't he good to me???
Bless the man!

Deborah goes to school again tomorrow. Her first day in first grade. She's so old. (six) And tall. (4 feet-ish)
She's excited about going back to school, while I am feeling trepiditious. This will be her first time doing ALL day. 9-3:30. What on earth will they do with all that time? Gracious, that's almost as long as 8-5. I know learning is hard work, but what will they do all day.
She already knows how to read. She's reading at an alarming rate. You know what I enjoy most about her reading?
Even when she's struggling to figure out a word, she adds inflections. If they are asking a question, she makes it sound like a question. She isn't just plodding along. She's figuring it out as she goes and enjoying the story. It's fun for her to read to me. Mostly what we do is share- I'll read a page, and then she'll read a page. Although she likes it when we do words- her one word, then me one word. Pretty funny.

Abigail starts pre-school on the 31st. She also turns 4 on the 31st. How did she get so old? And tall? I'm not sure how I feel about my baby being so big. I'm not ready for her to not be my baby.

I'm still writing for the church. And doing jewelry. And doing Farmer's Market. And I'm still busy. Probably too busy. I've been a little overwhelmed for the last week or so. Since we got back from camping I've felt like I'm always tired, and always behind...
But here I am. Writing. 'Cuz I want to, and I like it. Dang it. =P

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