Sunday, August 23, 2009

After Farmer's Market

So, I get to go AWAY on Saturdays. I go to Farmer's Market and sell jewelry, interact with people and, if it's warm enough, I get to bead. I LOVE my portable beading tray. LOVE it. But that is beside the point here.
The point is that I go away. I leave my little ones in the care of their Grammy, and I go have fun. Potentially, I make money. Some days I sell a lot of jewelry. Some days a sell a little.
But to do this, I go away.
And the girls play.
And make a big fat mess.
And no one makes them clean up.
When I get home after a 9 to 10 hour HARD day, I come home to this:

And most Saturdays, Jake works until 9:30. Which means I need to cook for the girls, feed them, get the house a little clean (at least clean enough that we don't all die tripping over Barbie's bed or Polly's pocket or the Little People castle), bath them, and put them to bed.
All the while they are begging 'one more chance', or 'one more book', or 'but I don't WANNA!'

I really do love Saturdays. And Farmer's Market. And my two precious, sweet girls.
But parenthood is not for the weak.
And it's potentially deadly if you're tired.

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