Friday, November 14, 2008


Got two things going on right now.

1) My sister, Beth is having surgery today. She has endo like me, and had a 12 cm cyst. She's been in horrible, horrible pain for a while. She tried some meds, and it didn't make the cyst shrink. So she's having major surgery today. I'm praying it goes well.

2) I'm looking at surgery on my neck. I got my MRI results back and saw my doctor yesterday. Since the last MRI we did about a year ago, I've had significant and severe deterioration of the vertebrae around my spinal cord in my neck. The discs are bulging and pressing on the nerve roots that go out from my spinal cord and down my arm. I've had significant loss of sensation in my left arm and hand, and the next step is to talk to a neurosurgeon.

I DON'T want surgery. I DON'T want to do this. But I'm in constant pain- and it's not minor pain... She's got me on 3 meds to deal with the pain and stiffness. I don't want to take that much medication.

My doctor couldn't say for sure that the vertebrae deterioration was from the car accident, but she did say I've had a major change in one year.

To add to the fun, there are no neurosurgeons in Fairbanks. So I will have to travel to Anchorage to have a consultation, and if I have surgery, I will have to travel & stay there. Someone will have to come & stay with me... I've got all these worries: Who will take care of the girls? How can I take care of them after having surgery? Who will come with me to Anchorage?

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