Thursday, November 06, 2008

Weird Snow Prints

I found the weirdest set of prints at the side of our house the other day...
Trails of cat foot prints and 3 or 4 places where a large bird had landed and spread out their wings. Looks like a very strange cat & bird fight. No blood. Just lots of tracks.
There are several LARGE cats who go outside almost all winter in our neighborhood.
I doubt you can get a proper impression of the size of the birds wingspan from the snow prints- the ravens up here are HUGE. The wingspan on this set of tracks was at least 3 feet wide. Ravens are the largest of the songbird family, and can grow 3-4 feet high... They primarily eat small mammals up here, though they also thrive on carrion and garbage. So, I don't know who ended up getting the worst of the fight...

One of my favorite raven stories was told to me by one of my best HS friends from Fairbanks, Angie Whitaker.
She looked out the window one morning to witness a raven lumbering/flying off with a bag of trash before the trash collector had arrived. She started laughing 'cuz the bag he was carrying was used cat litter! Must have thought he had a treat! Blecch!

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