Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween 2008 Pictures

My girls were both Tinker Bell this year. We've experienced the 'same' revolution lately. If one child ends up with something (i.e.- a toy), or as something (i.e.- a costume), then the other child must have exactly the same thing. Or chaos ensues.
Our large, contemporary church didn't have a 'Fall festival', costume alternative thing on Halloween. (Isn't that weird?) So we took the girls to the church my family used to go to when I was in high school and college- University Baptist Church.
They had some great stuff and some pretty lousy stuff.
Lousy- a 15-30 minute 'sit-down-thing' where they shared the gospel through an allegory about a pumpkin with a flame inside it. Don't they know every kid there wanted to get to the candy??? Plus, the average age represented was 5-8. Kids that age aren't really into allegory, ya know? They need straight forward, non-abstract stuff. And my kids were going crazy in the pew... Heavens, my husband and I were going crazy sitting in the pew for that long!
Great- The flower balloon bracelets one lady made for the girls- those rocked and are actually still inflated and wearable.
Cotton candy! cupcakes! sugar kool-aid! And candy, candy, candy!!! (okay, each of these was great on their own, but all together, I'm not sure...) Anyway here's the shot of the girls after we got home.... They were quite literally bouncing off the couch, and the floor, and my husband.

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