Friday, November 14, 2008

Elevate, Jr

I'm getting some more opportunities to write!

I've been contacted by Elevate, Jr (also from Fellowship Church in Grapevine) to write some sketches for their next series. I'm excited about it. Delighted to be considered.
It's good material- Biblical, age appropriate, fun. I watched some of their clips, and both my girls immediately surrounded me and were completely absorbed. They both got excited to know what was going to happen... But we could only watch bits of the stories. :(

My point is that the curriculum worked: It grabbed Deborah & Abigail's attention like nothing else- My kids got excited about God. They wanted to know what happened next.

Just 'cuz it's good stuff, Here's the link:

I'm excited to get the opportunity to write for them.

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John said...

How's the writing going? I'm not in the Junior loop very often, so I just was curious where you are in the process.