Tuesday, September 11, 2007

computer glitches

Our computer has been having serious problems.
We've been offline for several days and I feel like it's been an entire month. Beth has spent a ridiculous amount of time sitting hunched over the computer speaking on the phone to some computer-guru who had her doing strange computer yoga (stretching and bending and moving wires). I am desperately hoping that our friend Valette will be able to give us pointers on her up-coming trip to Fairbanks. (hint, hint..)

Anyway, not much new here. Just no computer.

My oldest is back in pre-school. My youngest is missing her, but I admit I'm DELIGHTED to send Deborah off with all the other 4 year old kids. She is so smart and quick that having her home means keeping her entertained almost 24/7. I'm finally getting some stuff done! Like menus and house cleaning...

Beth & I are doing very well at Farmer's Market. In fact, we were shocked by last weekend. The newspaper ran an article about all the yummy food being sold and we had an amazing turnout, which meant we sold more than we have been. Very nice for a change. I love putting something together at the market, laying it on the table and having it sell that day. Doesn't happen often, but enough to make it fun.

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