Saturday, September 22, 2007

Farmer's Market Final Day

It was 27 F this morning! I have to say, much as I've loved doing Farmer's Market, I'm not sad to say this was the last day. When I called time and temperature this morning and heard that it was only 27 I told Beth I wasn't going... We went back and forth and finally we agreed that if I got as cold as I did last week I'd just go home and she could stay. I couldn't believe she actually wanted to go and sit there all day!!!
I admit that today turned into a lovely sunshiny day, diametrically opposed to last Saturday, which was in the 40's, blustery and rainy. Although it was chilly today, the sun shone all day and there was only a light & infrequent breeze. When I just sit in 40 degrees or less I get so cold! You'll see we are very warmly dressed- I'm wearing 4 layers... Anyway, the bazaar season is rolling around and we shall be showing up for at least four bazaars this Christmas season- and we're both hoping it's more like five or six. We'll see.

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Valette said...

Ohhh you two look SO COLD.