Friday, September 14, 2007

Abigail's Fairy Day

Abigail had her 2nd birthday! My baby turned 2! Absolutely shocking. How on earth has she gotten this old??!!

Although unplanned, her day magically became a fairy-day... We had purchased Little Pony stuff, but half of her presents reflected a fairy theme. After donning her wings she looked like a little fairy and started dancing & flying around the room. Her Auntie Beth found some wonderful dress up items (including the wings, skirt, flower tiara and wand) at Value Village which have been a continuous hit.

The princess pony bag was definitely a hit!

Deborah got to choose a gift for Abigail, and graciously chose the Sleeping Beauty doll she has pined after... Abigail was just as delighted with it as the Ariel Mermaid doll from her Grammy.

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