Thursday, March 08, 2007

POEM: Creator

This is a poem I wrote when I was living in Fort Worth and traveling with The Company. One of my poems that I really like... It's not perfect. I know that. But it says what I wanted it to say.

If God is an artist then
the ocean must be His percussion section,
playing the rhythms He buried
in the heart of it's deep.
And the clouds must be His dancers,
gliding and twirling
across the majestic blue,
And the mountains must be the canvas
where he paints the sunsets in golds and greens,
And the animals,
they must be His living sculptures
revealing His knowledge of form and function
entwined with His perfect eye for beauty.
And we, the thousands of people who
roam the majesty and beauty of His art,
we are His poems,
literature meant to be read and savoured,
meant to reveal His nature:
loving and gentle and good.

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