Monday, March 19, 2007

Bazaar Thing- A Woman's Affair

My sister and I paid for a table at this big spring bazaar thing that took place over the weekend. The most expensive table we've ever paid for- really crazy expensive. We knew that we probably wouldn't make that much money but it was still worth it to just get our stuff out there in front of people. By the way, Beth did make back her half of the table fee, and I didn't do badly. Not as well as I wanted...

The most exciting thing happened, though. A woman introduced herself as the owner of a local shop- Willow Creek Clothing, and told us she'd like to carry our stuff in her shop! Don't know what will come of it. We didn't talk details or specifics, but this would be wonderful. It would mean our stuff is out year round for people to look at. We might still do bazaars. I don't know, but it wouldn't be the high pressure thing for us to actually sell stuf there, 'cuz we could say, "look for our stuff at ....".

Also, this gives us the extra courage/boldness/chutzpah it takes to go ahead and approach a couple of other local shop owners about carrying our stuff. We've talked about it, but neither Beth nor I are bold, confident people who like doing cold call stuff. We'll have to practice and figure out what we want to say, but we're gonna do it.

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