Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Needle, My Neck

Yup, that's me... That's the big freaking needle they stuck in my life. And yup, I almost passed out... But NOT from the needle in my neck. Truly, oddly, that wasn't so bad. (which I believe is a hat's off to my doctor. She's excellent.)

Instead, I almost passed out from the IV... Aren't phobic reactions wonderful? It doesn't matter how much you tell yourself 'this will make you better' or 'you can do this' or 'needles are to make you HEALTHY'...

Your body just takes over and says, "NO FREAKING WAY are you doing that to me!!!!!! I'm going to do everything I can to make sure this doesn't happen!! I'm going to make you go away. I'm going to take all your blood and put it where I want it. I'm going to make you cold and I'm going to mess you up!! So just forget it. No needles for me, thank you very much!!!"

But I fought the stupid thing and I got it done. I got the needle in my neck, and right now the steriod stuff they stuck in there hurts like I don't even wanna say... It's bad. As my nurse told me, "There is no empty space in your body, so everything in there had to move over and get squished more, which means the nerves are going to be pinched more than they were before." So, now I get to wait until we see if it makes a difference in my pain level after everything shifts down and works itself out, which is supposed to take about a week. We'll see.

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