Sunday, October 08, 2006

X-Men: The Last Chapter

So, I finally got to see the X-Men movie. Somehow in the middle of ear tubes and lack of sleep I missed it coming to the theatre up here... And one of the fairly lame things about Fairbanks is that there is only one movie theatre, so if you miss it there, you just miss it till it comes out at Blockbuster.

I enjoyed it. I hear there were a lot of complaints and people saying it wasn't as good as the last two. Don't know. No, it wasn't as good as the other two, still I loved it. I'm glad we got the Phoenix story-line in movie format. Hugh Jackman still does an excellent Wolverine. And whatever you think about Halle Berry, I like her Storm.

I do have a couple of comments/complaints:

First, did the producers decide there weren't enough minorities represented in the last two movies? The new bad guy/Magneto henchmen were latino, asian, or east indian transvestite types... Very odd. They must have decided they needed to reach a broader demographic... And one of the new hero-guys was this very blond dude with white wings... I'm not liking this whole white vs. brown thing they kind of had going... And this SO does not reflect the comic book.

Second, every time I've seen Leech drawn he's green and not quite human... Kind of Salamanderish. Why did they make him totally normal except bald? And rather pretty on top of that? Weird. Were they trying to keep the average viewer sympathetic to him? If done right, he's kinda cute, in a weird monkey/lizard way. So why not leave him alone?

SPOILER. Do not read this paragraph or the next one if you haven't seen the movie!
Third, in my opinion Phoenix wasn't scarey enough. I really didn't believe that the only answer was for Wolverine to kill her. Now if you've read the comics, you know she has enough power to rip the planet, even the universe apart, but the Phoenix you saw in the movie just wasn't that out of control... (okay, so she was from another dimension, and not human, and totally freaking scarey in the comic, but I'm not even touching that. For the average viewer I think the whole freaky id thing was enough) Come on, though. She should have been like ripping magma out of the center of the earth or something... Making the moon come out of orbit. I don't know, but she should have been freaking terrifying.

Fourth, They really shortchangeded Scott's Death. I mean, he's just gone... You're not even sure he's dead until the end when you see his gravestone... He's a pretty important character for them to just throw him away. (Not that I actually like him, but he is important.) Xavier's death was nicely done. Very clear what happened to him, but Scott... He's just gone, poof.

Skip here if you haven't seen the movie.
Fifth, I thought the ending was a little anticlimactic... Yes, I'm glad the students came back, but still, the movie just kind of stopped going. And then the sudden loud slam of music.. We were like, "what was that?" It's over?

Anyway, besides that, I did enjoy the movie quite a bit. I'm sad I only got to see it at home, but that's the way it went this time... I saw the first one while pregnant with Deborah, and will never forget having her kick and roll because of the loud music and special effects. :)

X-Men! Yeah! You rock my world!

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The Renzntzman said...

I also enjoyed the movie despite all the critical pans. I actually wrote a blog entry for those who didn't like the film. You can read it here if you like.